ViRiDo company produces ecologically clean paper goods.

ViRiDo translated from Latin means Green or to turn Green, which we closely associate with nature and its protection.

ViRiDo brand (VRD) appeared on Russian market in 2011

We produce ecologically clean goods using Korean machinery. The process is automated at most. There is virtually no manual labour. Raw materials are imported from Korea and Finland.

We invite the distributors in all regions of Russia and other countries  to cooperate! We can consider special conditions of cooperation.

Cups for hot drinks

Cups for cold drinks

Cups for vending machines


Lids for hot drinks

Lids for cold drinks

Goods with logos and custom-made goods



Why use paper?

Paper is a reproducible raw material of the short-term cycle.

A paper cup will be completely recycled by nature in 2 years.

Disposable paper goods have evident advantages at the market.

Dull plastic cups are in the past. We will do a colorful individual design for You.